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To develop this photographic work, we have sought the help and advice of many organisations and individuals who have generously assisted us in bringing this project to life. We would like to express our profound gratitude to:

Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi and Kolkata

Goethe-Institut in Dhaka and Kabul

India-Afghanistan Foundation

Afghanistan Centre in Kabul University

The Harrington Street Art Centre in Kolkata

Drik Gallery in Dhaka

Association for Asian Studies (AAS)

The American Institute of Afghanistan Studies (AIAS)

Center for Global Engagement, James Madison University (CGE)

Sussex Asia Centre (SAC)

American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS)

Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC)

South Asia Institute (SOAS)

The Brunei Gallery in London

Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI)

Peace Training and Research Organisation (PTRO)

European Research Council (ERC)

University of Copenhagen

Photography supported by


Exhibition partners

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Brunei Gallery logo_RGB Black_50mm.png
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Sussex Asia Centre.jpg

External support was essential and we benefited from the advice, expertise and vision of a number of friends and colleagues in the field of art and photography. They each put in an immense amount of time, effort and dedication into realising our initiative. Thanks are owed to: 

Abdul Waheed Wafa

Amar Sinha

Annette Schlätzer-Larsen

Archana Sharma

Arjan Singh Bhusri

Asim Mukhopadhyay

Bina Sarkar Ellias

Birthe Miller

Debasish Chakrabarty

Diane Dang

Diptanshu Chakravarty

Fatana, Heela & Unai Najib

Freshta Nehan

Friso Maecker

Hans Kristian Mikkelsen

Harsh Batra

Himmat Singh

Ibrahim Hotak

Ishan Bharat

Jasma Gayatri & Andi Pühringer

Jawan Shir Rasik

Jolyon Lesley

Judith Mirschberger

Kamal Arora

Kanika Kuthiala

Khushal Khattak

Latika Gupta

Laxman Harry

Liza Schuster

Luca Cerizza

Mads Risum

M. Jamil Hanifi

Magnus Marsden

Mandira Mitra

Marie Yoshida

Marjan Wardaki

Martin W. Rasmussen

Misha Oberoi

Mondira Verma

Naimat U. Khan

Nancy Hatch Dupree

Nandan Bhattacharya

Nandita Jaishankar

Neelima Singh Bhatt

Noni Khulla

Pradip Saha

Prianka Sen Gupta

Priya Pall

Rahaab Allana

Robin Mallick

Saba Joshi

Safiullah Delawar

Sampriti Pani

Saskya Jain

Sayantoni Palchoudhuri

Shah Mahmoud Hanifi

Shaida Abdali

Sharmistha Sarkar

Shirazuddin Siddiqi

Shweta Wahi

Snehasish Ghosh

Sombit Mondal

Soumitra Das

Swati Gupta

Swati Sahni

Tathagata Chowdhury

Ute Banerjea-Kommers

Vera Skvirskaja

Wakil Rahman

Zalmai Wafamal

Zasha Colah

Finally, we'd like to thank the Kabuliwala community of Kolkata, in Particular Amir Khan, without whom this project would have only been fiction. Hospital, brave, frugal and prudent - that's how Pathans are often viewed, and that's what we got to experience through this work.

It is our hope that this project, which has been supported from so many different quarters, will help shed new light on ideas of identity and migration and bring to the fore a fresh set of issues that lie at the foundations of our experiences with 'the other'.

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